The purpose of this weblog is to inform the interested visitor on ongoing clinical research on the medicinal drug naltrexone, with particular focus on Norwegian research.

Since 1999, researchers at the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health have collaborated on clinical research on naltrexone. Established at a time when most others had lost interest in naltrexone, the Norwegian naltrexone research group was among the first to study the clinical feasibility and effectiveness of long-acting naltrexone in the treatment of heroin addiction.

Today, long-acting naltrexone is FDA-approved for prescription as part of the treatment of both alcohol- and opioid addiction in the US. The Norwegian naltrexone research group continues to conduct front-line clinical research. The main academic centre is the Norwegian Centre for Addiction Research (SERAF) at the University of Oslo.

This website is targeting a Norwegian-speaking audience, but we will nonetheless update this part of the site sporadically for English-speaking visitors. For more information on published naltrexone research, we would recommend the English-language summaries of SERAF papers published on the SERAF website. Further inquiries to the naltrexone group can be made by sending an e-mail to nikolaj.kunoe@medisin.uio.no

August 2012:

We were happy to learn that a summary of our previous naltrexone research made the Top 10 of the most downloaded papers on Drug & Alcohol Findings a research-oriented information site for addiction professionals. See the Findings paper here.